Forest-Jupiter Transit-Oriented Redevelopment

After many months of working with property owners, business owners, and other stakeholders, a unified approach for reinvestment is now available for the Forest-Jupiter-Walnut area. At their May 7, 2013 meeting, the Garland City Council approved the Forest-Jupiter Transit-Oriented Redevelopment Plan (PDF).

About the Project

The intent of this project is to identify potential redevelopment opportunities within the Forest-Jupiter-Walnut area (PDF) and provide an implementation strategy intended to build on and enhance the project area as an employment center. Important issues being evaluated as part of this process include:

  • Expanding access to all forms of transportation (mass-transit, freight, motorized vehicles, and pedestrian routes)
  • Identifying ways to support residential, retail, entertainment, commercial, and open space within a vibrant and safe environment for people who live and work in the area

Public Meetings

Key to implementing the recommendations from this effort over the coming 5 to 15 years is the cooperation and investment by both private and public property owners. The following is a summary of the public input to date:

  • The first public meeting (PDF) (March 7, 2012) provided information on the investment climate and market realities of the area as well as an opportunity to garner input on a number of issues.
  • The second public meeting (PDF) (June 26, 2012) provided redevelopment ideas and concepts for the overall area and specific sites as well as provided attendees the opportunity to give their feedback on those ideas and concepts.
  • The third public meeting (PDF) (September 25, 2012) summarized information previously presented during the previous two public meetings and reviewed public input from the second meeting, including refined programming.

Please visit this website for updates on the process. For more information on the Forest-Jupiter Transit-Oriented Redevelopment Plan, contact the Planning and Community Development Department at 972-205-2445.