Vendor Information

Vendor Registration

For the City of Garland to order and pay for goods or services, a vendor must be registered in our accounting and procurement system. Many vendors enter the system when they respond to requests for proposals. Vendors will receive an invitation from the department to register as a City of Garland vendor in PaymentWorks. 

PaymentWorks logo

The City has partnered with PaymentWorks, and all new vendors must be invited to register by the City of Garland through this secure site. PaymentWorks is a portal used by vendors to register their business and provide the required documents and information the City needs to set up vendors in the system.

PaymentWorks streamlines our vendor onboarding process by:

  • Including the details required for doing business with the City of Garland;
  • Reducing the occurrence of duplicate vendor records;
  • Providing new vendor registration status tracking; and
  • Enabling vendors to submit and update information and supporting documentation.

Existing vendors will be invited to register over the next several months but this will not preclude conducting business prior to registration through PaymentWorks.